Let’s not sugar coat it…

I might as well be up front and honest with you from the beginning. I LOVE sweet things. There. I’ve said it. This may come as a bit of a surprise given the nature of this blog, but there is no escaping my desire for sugary treats.

However after becoming a mum, I pledged that I would not give my children foods with refined sugar in them. Nearly 2 years on, and my daughter has never had a biscuit or a cake, she has no idea what chocolate is, and has thus far led a refined sugar-free life. I feel this is an achievement, something to be proud of. Like her mother she has a sweet tooth, but her idea of a treat is natural yoghurt or fresh fruit. I am not smug – it hasn’t been easy, and I anticipate it getting harder as she gets older. But for now, I want to continue finding delicious “treats” that my children can indulge in whilst feeling a little less mum guilt.

Sugar is everywhere. Even in places you least expect it. It tempts us into indulgence and provides moments of pleasure. But that’s it – a moment and it’s gone. Not only in the physical sense as these indulgences are often a few mouthfuls, but also in the affect they have on our bodies and our emotions. The human body doesn’t need sugar. It has no role to play other than making us very unhealthy-you don’t need me to tell you about weight gain, diabetes or cholesterol. Although it is not yet proven scientifically whether sugar is addictive, it has been shown to impact the same brain synapses as cocaine. Frightening, huh?

This article makes for an interesting read if you do want to know a bit more: Heathline – Is sugar addictive?

Now I’m not here to persuade you on the virtues of a low carb, high fat, sugar-free existence. I have always been of the opinion that life is too short to deprive yourself of things that bring you happiness. What I am here to do, is suggest that your sweet tooth can be indulged with less risk to your wellbeing by following some different recipes and trying something new.

So if you’re up for it, follow my journey into alternative sweet treats, and hopefully a happier and healthier family!


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